MCC PROGRAM: The Program for you is the Mortgage Credit Certificate, or MCC. The MCC is the best kept secret in town! It is a special IRS tax credit issued to you by the County that immediately increases your take-home pay, so you can qualify for the loan. Then it keeps your new home affordable by saving you several thousands of dollars in federal taxes every year that you live in the home! The only way you can get this credit is though this program, so you will want to learn all about it.

LENDER APPLIES: Only your lender can apply for your MCC. So your number one goal is to link up with a program lender who has taken the MCC training. (We’ll show who they are later) Caution: Not all lenders have your best interest at heart. One might try to talk you out of the MCC so they can skip the paper work. Choose another lender! If you are eligible for the MCC, you should insist on it. Most lenders on our list are happy to apply for you, and know that the MCC approval process takes just a few days.

OK, so you know the MCC is great, and you know you’ll need
to choose a lender to apply for your MCC. You are almost
ready to learn the details of the MCC Program. But wait!
Before we take you to our program details, you should know
that there are two important steps that you should soon be
prepared to take:


Buying a home is one of the most exiciting, expensive,
complex and rewarding steps you will ever take. It is hard
work, especailly in Southern California where prices are
so high. Be smart, and start your quest for ownership with
education. Take a homeownership class through a non-profit
agency that offers housing counseling, credit counseling, fair housing ar related housing services. Go online, or check at your library for home buying resources. Take a class through the local school district. Read the real estate section of your Sunday newspaper.Sometimes real estate agents and lenders also teach classes.

Some classes provide you with your credit scores, and how to repair credit problems. Learn what kind of loans are good for first-time homebuyers, and which ones aren’t. Find out how much cash you will need for downpayment and closing costs, and prepare to show proof that you have sufficient savings. In other words, be prepared. Investigate!

Now choose a Program Lender to get pre-approved for primary mortgage financing. The lender will need to know all your debt and all your income, as well as your credit status. Based on that, the lender will tell you what price home you can afford, and should be searching for.” This is also the time to remind the lender that you want an MCC, because that will stretch your buying power and ability to qualify.

Caution: Don’t be discouraged if prices are too high for what you can afford. You may have to alter your plans a little, such as saving more for the downpayment, or looking for a smaller home. Stay optimistic and look for bargains. Your motovation is your greatest asset in buying a home.

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